GENERAL ENGLISH-couses-in-Bangladesh

What is Chancellor International’s General English Program?

Chancellor International’s General English course gives provides potential applicants with the opportunity to improve their English grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Our objective is to increase students’ ability to use English in their regular lives.

These lessons will be taken by our foremost English teacher. The course will start from simple phrases and expressions for a candidate to speak and move up to tougher sentences that test a candidate’s speaking skills.

Our audio files, written passages, short writings, and engaging topics all improve a candidate’s Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing skills respectively. These lessons serve their maximum benefit when taken alongside courses for standardized English tests (IELTS, SATS, etc.).

Lesson Specifications:

  •         Duration: As Adjusted According to Candidate’s Prowess
  •         Timing and Days: As Discussed with Proper Chancellor Authorities
  •         Course Fees:
  •         Additional Services: Candidates will be referred to Chancellor International’s library for supplementary English books.