PTE in Bangladesh @ Chancellor International

PTE @ Chancellor International

What is PTE(s)?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) uses a computer-based English Language testing method. Foreign English speakers who wish to study abroad or are looking to emigrate must take PTE(s).

PTE tests a candidate via 4 skills; Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing.

Reading: The reading section of PTE tests a candidate’s understanding of English in various written contexts.

Common Types of Question:

        • Fill in the Blanks
        • Multiple Choice Questions
        • Re-Arranging Paragraphs

Duration: 32-40 minutes

Listening: The listening section of PTE tests a candidate’s retention ability of English in various spoken contexts, as simulated via audio recordings.

Common Types of Question:

      • Multiple Choice Questions
      • Summary Writing
      • Fill in the Blanks
      • Missing Words
      • Corrections
      • Dictations

Duration: 45-57 minutes

Speaking and Writing: The speaking and writing sections of PTE test a candidate’s ability to verbally communicate using English as well as their writing skill.

Common Types of Question:

      • Read Aloud The Sentence (Speaking)
      • Describe An Image Verbally (Speaking)
      • Re-tell a Lecture (Speaking)
      • Answer Short Questions (Speaking)
      • Write an Argumentative Essay (Writing)
      • Summarize Given Text (Writing)

Duration: 77-93 minutes

Why Choose Chancellor International For Your PTE(s)?

      • Our English Teachers are some of the most experienced in Dhaka, having taken as well as taught PTE, IELTS, as well as other standardized tests involving English
      • Our teaching quality does not compromise our students’ time or learning drive
      • Our students are known to have achieved high marks in standardized tests through our courses
      • Our teaching equipment, technological facilities, and classroom environment are all catered towards a fruitful learning experience
      • Our Library is a treasure trove of supplementary knowledge, as well as course books for GRE, SAT and GMAT

Course Specifications:

Duration: 2 Months

Timing and Days: Monday & Wednesday (3:00-5:00 pm)

Course Fees: 15,000 BDT

For More Details: 0192 6669 642