Chancellor Language Club

                                      a great way to learn English

enjoy lots of Fun Activities

  • Movie Show
  • Music Hour
  • Extempore Speech Competition
  • Vocabulary Wizard Competition
  • Spelling Bee Competition
  • Word Games
  • Story Telling
  • Documentary Show
  • Wall Magazine

and many more …………..

Every Thursday

from 3.00 to 6.00 p.m




Our Language club is a great place to make friends with people who share your interests and passions, build your English language skills, and just have plain fun with the language.  There are many different ways to participate and sharpen your language skills, enjoy a few harmless jokes and laughs, and learn about different interesting aspects of ESL learning.

Playing vocabulary games will help you improve your skills. It is quite a challenge. You will laugh a lot at your own mistakes and those of other club members.

Presenting English Language films (without English subtitles) offers a serious exercise in understanding the language. Even if you don’t understand everything said, getting the gist of what’s going on in a foreign film will boost confidence and help to develop your ear.