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     Study in UK  The land of great cultural diversity and endless opportunity….

The relationship between Bangladesh and the UK is defined by historic links as well as the presence of a large British-Bangladeshi community in the UK (about 0.5 million).  Every year thousands of Bangladeshi students travel to the UK to study and conduct research.

Chancellor International will help you to select a good university or college in the UK for your desired course or study program.

Why Choose the United Kingdom (UK) For Your Higher Studies?

    1.       Academic Reputation: The UK is reputed to be a country that excels in its academics, and 16% of the world’s top 100 universities are in the UK
    2.       Cultural Diversity: The UK is a welcoming country rich with people of diverse nationalities
    3.       Broad Range of Degrees: UK universities are known for the wide range of degrees they offer in diverse subjects
    4.       Shorter Degrees: You can usually complete an undergraduate degree in 3 years if you study full time
    5.       Cultural Attractions: the UK is a country with many magnificent landmarks and travel spots
    6.       Ease of Travel: Studying in the UK allows you to reach other parts of Europe in a matter of hours
    7.       Expansive Libraries: London is home to some of the largest libraries in the world

Name of UK Universities Connected to Chancellor International:

    •         Brunel University, London
    •         Birmingham City University
    •         BPP University
    •         Cardiff Metropolitan University
    •         University of Hertfordshire
    •         Holborn College
    •         Kaplan Financial
    •         Keel University
    •         London Metropolitan University
    •         Leeds Metropolitan University
    •         Liverpool John Moores University (LIMU)
    •         Middlesex University
    •         Northumbria University
    •         University of Greenwich
    •         University College London
    •         University College Birmingham
    •         University of Glamorgan
    •         Nottingham Trent University
    •         Sunderland University, London Campus
    •         Teesside University
    •         The University of Hull
    •         University of Bedfordshire
    •         University of Essex
    •         University of Hertfordshire
    •         University of Huddersfield
    •         University of Leicester
    •         The University of Manchester
    •         University of Northampton
    •         University of Surrey
    •         University of Sussex
    •         University of West London
    •         University of Worcester


Approximate Costs: GBP 4000 – 15000


Foundation, Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral


    •         Engineering
    •         Business
    •         MBA
    •         Law
    •         Computer Science
    •         Economics
    •         Finance
    •         Marketing

And Many More…

Course Duration:

Bachelor’s Programs (3 – 4 years)

Master’s Programs (usually 1 year)


February, September, July

Sponsorship Amount:

London: GBP 7200 + annual tuition fee

Outside London: GBP 5400 + annual tuition fee


Any Financially Stable Family Member

Processing time

4 weeks

Visa Succession Fee:

BDT 80000/= will be charged after getting the visa.

Process Flow of obtaining VISA:

Getting conditional offer letter ► Tuition fee deposit for unconditional offer letter ►  Visa application (takes 2-3 weeks for the decision)Additional – IELTS at least 5.5 at each band. Some universities allow online interviews instead of IELTS.

Useful Links:

    1. United Kingdom Border Agency – UKBA (
    2. British High Commission, Dhaka (
    3. VFS Global (
    4. British Accreditation Council (

Required Documents​

Personal Documents:

  • All Academic Certificates
  • All Academic Mark Sheets/Transcripts
  • Study Gap Papers(If Applicable)
  • Passport (Validity at least 2 years)
  • Recommendation Letter (2 copies) from the last attended institution
  • CV/Resume (signed)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose/ Letter of Motivation)
  • Job Experience Certificate (If applicable)
  • 4 Copies of Passport Size Photographs (lab Print, White background)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Sponsorship Documents:

  • Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  • Bank Certificate stating the last amount in the bank with a conversion in currency of the applicable country
  • E-Tin Certificate
  • Tax payment slip
  • Tax assessment papers
  • Trade license (If in Business)
  • Statement of Wealth
  • Statement of Source of Income
  • Written Statement from the Sponsor
  • Visiting Card of the Sponsor
  • Job Certificate
  • Salary Certificate
  • Copy of Passport/NID of the Sponsor
  • Birth Certificate/NID/Passport copy of all the family members
  • One copy of passport size photo of all family members