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Study in USA for Bangladeshi Students

The United States and Bangladesh share a vision for an inclusive, secure, and prosperous future. Every year thousands of Bangladeshi students travel to the USA to study and conduct research.

Chancellor International will help you to select a good university or college in the USA for your desired course or study program.

Why Choose the United States of America (USA) For Your Higher Studies?

      1.       High Quality of Education: the USA has some of the most prestigious educational institutes
      2.       Expansive Career Options: Educational institutes provide an expansive range of courses
      3.       International Support: American universities frequently conduct extra orientation courses and workshops for foreign students
      4.       Cultural Diversity: People of various ethnicities are welcomed into these universities in the US
      5.       Vibrant Campus Life: The various quirks of American life and the influence of other cultures can be felt throughout campus life in universities

Name of American Institutions Connected to Chancellor International:

      •         Arkansas State University
      •         Ashland University
      •         Berkeley College 
      •         California State University-Long Beach 
      •         California State University-San Marcos 
      •         Capital University, Ohio 
      •         City University of Seattle, Washington 
      •         Colorado State University 
      •         James Madison University 
      •         Long Island University
      •         Long Island University- Brooklyn, New York 
      •         Long Island University-C.W.Post, New York 
      •         Marshall University,   West Virginia 
      •         McNeese State University, Louisiana 
      •         Montana State University, Montana
      •         National University, California
      •         Navitas at U Mass Boston
      •         Navitas at U Mass Dartmouth
      •         Navitas at U Mass Lowell
      •         Navitas at UNH
      •         Navitas at WKU
      •         Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma
      •         Oregon State University, Oregon 
      •         Pittsburg State University, Kansas 
      •         Roosevelt University, Illinois
      •         Illinois State University 
      •         Saint Francis University, Pennsylvania *
      •         Texas Wesleyan University, Texas
      •         University of Texas, San Antonio
      •         University of California-Davis
      •         University of Massachusetts-Boston 
      •         University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth 
      •         University of Massachusetts-Lowell 
      •         University of Buffalo
      •         University of South Dakota
      •         Virginia international University, Virginia
      •         Western Kentucky University, Kentucky
      •         Wichita State University
      •         University of Michigan-Flint

Approximate Costs: $20,000 per year


Foundation, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral, Associate


      •         Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
      •         Applied and Pure Sciences
      •         Architecture and Construction
      •         Business and Management
      •         Computer Science and IT
      •         Creative Arts and Design
      •         Education and Training
      •         Engineering
      •         Health and Medicine
      •         Humanities
      •         Law
      •         MBA
      •         Personal Care and Fitness
      •         Social Studies and Media
      •         Travel and Hospitality

Course Duration:

Bachelor’s Programs (3 – 4 years)

Master’s Programs (usually 1 year)


February, September, July


Any Financially Stable Family Member

Processing Time:

4 weeks

Visa Succession Fee:

BDT 80000/= will be charged after getting the visa.

Process Flow of obtaining VISA:

Getting conditional offer letter ► Tuition fee deposit for unconditional offer letter ►  Visa application (takes 2-3 weeks for the decision)

Additional – IELTS at least 5.5 at each band. Some universities allow IELTS equivalent results.

Required Documents

Personal Documents:

  • All Academic Certificates
  • All Academic Mark Sheets/Transcripts
  • Study Gap Papers(If Applicable)
  • Passport (Validity at least 2 years)
  • Recommendation Letter (2 copies) from the last attended institution
  • CV/Resume (signed)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose/ Letter of Motivation)
  • Job Experience Certificate (If applicable)
  • 4 Copies of Passport Size Photographs (lab Print, White background)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Sponsorship Documents:

  • Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  • Bank Certificate stating the last amount in the bank with a conversion in currency of the applicable country
  • E-Tin Certificate
  • Tax payment slip
  • Tax assessment papers
  • Trade license (If in Business)
  • Statement of Wealth
  • Statement of Source of Income
  • Written Statement from the Sponsor
  • Visiting Card of the Sponsor
  • Job Certificate
  • Salary Certificate
  • Copy of Passport/NID of the Sponsor
  • Birth Certificate/NID/Passport copy of all the family members
  • One copy of passport size photo of all family members