We provide Admission and Visa Support services to students wishing to pursue higher studies at renowned and accredited foreign universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. We have designed different customized packages with wide-ranging service offerings to assist students in achieving their academic goals within the shortest possible time.Overseas Education Service in Bangladesh

We fully understand that choosing a University / Institute and a Program/Specialization that is best suitable for you is a critically important decision for your academic attainments and subsequent career building. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that every client is well served and is given Topmost Priority. With more than 20 years’ experience in Overseas Education consulting services and with very High VISA Success Rate, We have helped thousands of genuine students to fulfill their academic ambitions.

Our panel of expert professionals makes a careful study of every Student File. Each student we work with is unique and has his/her own needs. This is why; we initiate every new file with an in-depth assessment of your background (academic qualifications, family history, and financial strength) as well as your dreams and aspirations. We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. We work with every student extensively to understand his/her needs and ambitions and then find the right package for him/her. We work with our students with the firm belief that they should define their own life before others can do it for them.

We offer our students unparalleled services at very competitive prices and in doing so, deliver great value for money.

Our key service offerings include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Selection of the correct Study Destination (Country/University/Program)
  • Preparation of Admission Documents
  • Arranging Offer Letters from the University
  • Prepare Documents for VISA
  • Help in processing Bank Solvency Papers
  • Help for Making Travel Arrangements
  • Help in finding suitable Accommodation

We send our students to a large number of accredited and top-tier universities in the following geographical Regions:

  1. North America (USA, Canada)
  1. Western Europe (UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland)
  1. Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia)