About us

Chancellor International was founded in 1990 to realize its sole intent; providing candidates with the most effective ELT training possible.  We look to stand out through the drive of our extensively experienced and well educated teachers and staff; and our rigorous courses that have stood the test of time. Chancellor International has held its position for 32 years as a master of our craft, and our students have gone on to achieve greater heights and recognition that have further cemented our position as a reliable institution.

For most of our candidates, English is a second language. The task of properly speaking and understanding another language is the main obstacle towards higher education for most. The aim of Chancellor International is to help them achieve their dreams of studying abroad through our methods and their efforts. At present, we are not only training our students but also helping them in the matter of admission to various foreign universities and institutions. We have also helped our clients with their VISA documents, and successfully processed the Immigration Papers of hundreds of qualified Bangladeshi professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Accounting Professionals, etc.). We have helped many achieve their goals of settlement in the countries of their choice like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

We at Chancellor International have faith that all our efforts will help each and every one of our candidates realize their dreams and aspirations. Should you choose us, we will put our faith in your diligence as much as you will in ours’.