About us

Realizing the crying need of English teaching institute in Bangladesh having an authentic, easy to understand and more effective method of training, myself along with a group of young energetic graduates educated in USA and UK formed Chancellor in 1990 and through our long journey of 20 years, we have mastered and sharpened the method of teaching English in our country which has automatically given us the recognition as the pioneer and most reliable institution.

Thus far, the main obstacle towards higher education of our boys and girls was lack of proficiency in English language. But now, through our strenuous efforts it has been possible for us to make easy access of English knowledge among our students. At present, we are not only training our students in English language more effectively but also helping them in the matter of admission to various foreign universities and institutions and to obtain VISA for the purpose. We have also successfully processed the Immigration Papers of hundreds of qualified Bangladeshi professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Accounting Professionals, Nurses etc.) to help them realize their dreams of settlement in the countries of their choice like USA, UK, Canada, Australia. 

We hope, our efforts in this direction will become more effective in the coming days and we solicit help and cooperation of all in this matter.